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From time to time we will share our client's experiences on this page. We have two stories from our clients from August and October of 2010. If you would like to send us a note of your experiences, you may give it to Dr. McFarland or one of her staff or email it to
21 October 2010. This letter is being written to commend Dr. Tracy McFarland, an exceptional and truly outstanding veterinarian. Having opted to limit her practice to cats exclusively, Dr. Tracy has provided the finest in feline veterinary care; her knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. She is focused, precise, and organized; her communication skills - the finest; I especially appreciate the 30 minute office visits. In evaluating her feline patients and coming to a determination as to the best course of treatment, Dr. Tracy is patient and doesn't hesitate to discuss various options and outcomes with her clients.

She has embraced ongoing education and kept abreast of what is new and innovative in the field of veterinary medicine. With alternative medicine coming into vogue, and an eye toward the future, she has received training in acupuncture as well. Dr. Tracy's thinking is expansive and she has shown herself to be adaptable to changes in the economic landscape. I have been bringing our feline family to Dr. Tracy McFarland for the past 15 years and can personally attest to her professionalism, integrity, and high standard of care.

Referencing our Wiggy's recent dental procedure, I felt comfortable knowing that he was in good hands with Dr. Tracy. On October 18 in the late evening, I observed that Wiggy had a loose lower left canine tooth. All Creatures Emergency Center extracted the tooth and recommended that I follow up with my regular veterinarian. The following morning, Dr. Tracy reviewed the information faxed to her, and in response to my inquiry, took the time to speak with me on the subject of digital dental x-ray machines. The next day during Wiggy's exam, Dr. Tracy explained to me in detail how the gingivitis and cervical line lesions tht he was developing were impacting his dental health.

It is important to understand and appreciate what is involved in a dental cleaning and the complexities associated with a difficult tooth extraction. I also learned of the differences between ISO and SEVO as a maintenance anesthetic.

Dr. Tracy has never been evasive regarding discussing the anticipated costs for a given procedure. I breathed a tremendous sigh of relief; the final estimate was more than reasonable.

Later that day after the procedure, Dr. Tracy met with me and Wiggy in the exam room. She indicated all went well and while unanticipated extractions were necessary, she left my original estimate intact. I greatlyi appreciated that.

For that and other reasons, I have the highest degree of respect for Dr. Tracy. Because of her kind and compassionate care, our precious cat Wiggy is doing beautifully.

L.S., Valencia, CA
Cat  Cat
August, 2010.  Bella was always a big kitty.  She came to me at approximately 3-4 years old and I was told that she was "just like her mom", a big girl.  She was one of two kitties in her litter and the other kitty was definitely "the runt".  After having her for awhile and during a checkup with Dr. Tracy, Bella weighed in at a hefty 19 pounds, 12 ounces.  Dr. Tracy said "Whoa, this girl needs to lose some weight!"  Being a big girl myself, my response was something to the effect that we both needed to lose weight.  After Dr. Tracy explained the benefits to be gained, there was no question that I had to help Bella feel better.

I started feeding Bella one-quarter cup of the weight reduction formula of Hill's Science Diet cat food, one-half can of Hill's chicken & liver canned food and a few treats before we went to bed every day.  I would place her treats high and low to be sure she had to expend some energy to find them.  Also, I started giving her backrubs.  I'm convinced that this improved our relationship as well as helped Bella to lose weight.  Bella had been lethargic, didn't have a glisten in her eyes all the time and seemed depressed and very much a loner.

Dr. Tracy had also explained that the weight loss should be slow and over time so as to not cause any other health issues.  So, this story covers about a 3-4 year period.

At her last appointment, Bella weighed in at 14 pounds and 12 ounces...a loss of 5 pounds....almost 20% of her body weight.  She has a smooth, soft and shiny coat, a great sparkle in her big green eyes, energy, and a loving personality.  She runs around the room, plays with her toys, enjoys laying in the sun or in front of the fan if it's warm and has truly blossomed. 

Dr. Tracy says she needs to lose another pound or so.  We're working on that.  And those backrubs??  Bella lets me know every day when she wants one; no question about it...Bella loves her backrubs.  And I love my Bella!