Pre and Post Operative Instructions

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Pre Operative Instructions (Before Surgery)
See Below for Diabetic Cat Instructions

If your cat is scheduled for surgery please follow these instructions:
  • Please keep your cat indoors the night prior to surgery.
  • No food after midnight the night prior to surgery. We want your cat to arrive with an empty stomach the morning of surgery to lessen the chance of vomiting while under anesthesia. Rarely, vomiting while sedated can lead to aspirating into their lungs.
  • Fresh water should always be available anytime prior to surgery.
*If your cat has accidentally eaten food, for your cats safety, we will reschedule the procedure for another day, unless the surgery is urgent, in which case, your cat's doctor will take additional precautions such as performing the surgery later in the day. 

Diabetic Cat Pre Operative Instructions
(important, please read entire section)

​​If your cat is a diabetic (on Insulin), please feed and give medication as you normally would the night prior to surgery.  In the morning (day of surgery) we would like you to give half the dose of insulin and half the amount of a regular breakfast, no later than 6 am and then pick up food after he/she has eaten.  For example, if your cat takes 3 units of insulin we want you to give 1.5 units instead.  And if you normally feed 1/2 of a can of food in the morning, we want you to give a 1/4 can of food in the morning all before 6 am.  Fresh water should always be available to your cat, including the day of surgery.

Note, the night prior to surgery feeding and insulin regime should be the same as any other time.  In other words, be sure kitty receives his/her regular dose of insulin (as long as they take insulin in the evening) and eats a regular meal the night prior to surgery.  No need to pick up food the night prior to surgery as you would if your cat was not a diabetic.  Reminder, food should not be available to your cat after 6 am the day of surgery. 

If you are still unclear or have questions about pre operative instructions on diabetic patients, please call the office at 661-259-5288.

Post Operative Instructions (After Surgery)
  • Please keep your cat indoors for a couple days after surgery.  Depending on the nature of the procedure the doctor may direct you to keep your cat indoors longer.
  • If your cat can go home to a quite room all set up with food, water and a litter box undisturbed by dogs, other cats, and children for 24 hours, that would be the ideal post op recovery for your cat.
  • Offer only small amounts of food and water to your cat when you arrive home.  Wait a couple hours and you can offer a little bit more.  If you cat refuses to eat after 24 hours, vomiting and/or diarrhea please call the office.
  • Please check any incisions daily for 7 days.  If you notice any swelling, discharge, and/or discoloration, please call the office. 
  • If your cat went home with an e-collar (looks like a lampshade), please leave collar on for the duration as instructed by your doctor.  Please let us know if you are having problems with the e-collar, we can sometimes troubleshoot the problem with you over the phone. 
  • Do not bathe your cat after surgery for at least 14 days.
If you have any questions regarding post operative instructions please call the office at 661-259-5288.