Tales From the Day

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For Tracy, taking care of suffering cats was not a job; it was a calling.  She named the cat Slick.  It was brought to her, shot and suffering, by someone who knew that if Slick had any chance to live at all it would be in Tracy’s gentle hands.  She treated him and loved him, but she couldn’t save his rear legs from the cruelty.  So when she gave Slick his life back, she gave him new legs in the form of a custom wheeled cart.  There was no one to pay for the operations and expense, so of course Tracy did so herself.  Then she set up the Slick Fund to provide moneys to take care of other ill and injured cats who were alone in the world or whose owners did not have the money to provide care.


A dear friend of Tracy’s, Wayne McFarland (no relation) wrote a book prior to Tracy’s becoming so Ill. Part of the book’s dedication was to Tracy, which she knew about only after reviewers praised the work and a publisher picked it up for sale to the world.  The publisher, after months of consideration, has just agreed for the first time in their history to donate part of a book’s sale revenue.  And they are going to donate it to the Slick Fund. 


The book, Tales From The Day, will be officially released and shipped on November 1, of this year.  It will be available on places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but can be pre-ordered right now from the publisher.  Orders made directly with the publisher using the code SLICK will receive a 10% discount on the $15.95 cost of each book, plus $2.00 of the discounted price of every book purchased will be donated to The Dr. Tracy McFarland Memorial Slick Fund.  This was to be a surprise for Tracy.  It’s heartbreaking that she never knew.


If you wish to order a book and donate to the Slick fund simply go to: http://www.blackrosewriting.com/biographymemoir/talesfromtheday .  Use the code SLICK to receive your discount and insure that $2.00 of the price of each book you order will go to The Dr. Tracy McFarland Memorial Slick Fund.  If you pre-order now, your book or books will be shipped on November 1.  After November 1, a donation to the Slick Fund will be made by the publisher only on orders made directly through the publisher; the SLICK code will not work or be usable on retail outlets such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Thank you for your help in continuing The Dr. Tracy McFarland Memorial Slick Fund.

This is Richard, Dr. Tracy’s husband. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Wayne McFarland for the past 7 years. I’ve read this book and found it funny, provocative and in places a little salty. Wayne & his wife Gloria loved Tracy and believed in her method of veterinary care. Dr. Tracy took care of Wayne & Gloria’s cats for years. They also believe in the Slick Fund and want to continue Tracy’s legacy through the Fund. More funds are needed to help those families and cats who may not be able to afford a difficult surgery.

For those of you who do not know the Slick story, after being shot and treated by Dr. Tracy, Slick became the official greeter to everyone entering The Cat Doctor. After his passing, Tracy started the Slick Fund to help other cats and families. Your purchase of this book will not only bring you laughter, amazement and a few “ah” moments, but add to the Slick Fund. Recommend this book wholeheartedly and thank Wayne McFarland for making this possible.