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We're committed to excellence in veterinary surgery, offering a range of services from routine procedures like spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries. Our highly skilled team prioritizes safety, effective pain management, and the latest surgical practices for your pet's well-being. From pre-surgery assessments to post-operative care, we monitor your pet closely and address any concerns you may have. We provide clear post-operative care instructions and are always here to assist during your pet's recovery.

The Cat Doctor offers the following surgical services:

  • Spaying and neutering.
  • Eliminating bladder stones.
  • Tumor excisions.
  • Retrieving foreign objects.
  • And various others.

Surgery often brings anxiety and worry to pet owners. Concerns about your pet's care and safety are natural. Rest assured, we are here to alleviate your concerns. Whether your pet requires a minor procedure or a more intricate surgery, reach out to us. Let's have a conversation about how our surgical services can positively impact your pet's well-being.

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